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SoundLab provides production equipment in venues ranging from festival parks, small auditoriums and theaters to multi-purpose arenas, ampitheaters, and stadiums.

We specialize in all types of concerts including R&B/hip hop, rock, country, gospel, jazz, classical, and international. Touring plays, nationally recognized comedians, and critically acclaimed illusionists utilize our services as well.  

Our experienced personnel and inventory of state of the art equipment consistently deliver the technical aspects of production for even the most demanding needs.


"I just wanted to say thanks for everything.... This was the first show we've done in this configuration, but you guys made the day easy.  Everybody up the food chain was very happy with the results.  I would appreciate any suggestions you might have as far as best consoles/patching options.  I'm trying to make the show as painless as possible.  Kudos to you and your guys." "On behalf of the Department of Fine and Performing Arts, let me thank you for the assistance given in the planning and implementation of the Hampton Players and Company's production of Cuba Gooding and The Main Ingredient.  This project was successful, in part, because of your contribution and cooperation. Again, thank you."
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