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Founded by a musician who was inspired as a youth attending and performing at concerts, SoundLab’s crew is diverse and knowledgeable in all aspects of production. Our experienced employees’ service in the industry spans over three decades which translates into smooth job execution. The production business requires a calm and steady hand even in unstable and ever-changing, unpredictable environments. We rise above the field in this area.

History has proven that it is not uncommon for a last minute addition at an event or a detail gets overlooked which necessitates a short-notice delivery of some element of production. We make ourselves available around the clock. If we don’t have it, we will get it. This quality separates us from the pack.

It is our mission to deliver production services with a balance between state of the art equipment, and outstanding people who understand the importance of communication and social skills. We continually update our inventory to stay current with the trends in technology, however, never lose sight of the fact that we are defined by our staff inside and outside the office. Give us a try and you be the judge… we won’t let you down!
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Sound Lab, Inc.